To Hotel or Not Hotel in Paris

I went to Paris in October 2006 and I had so much fun planning my trip.  When I plan any trip, I go to my trusty friend Google and I research like crazy.  I like to find out about the neighbourhoods, the culture, places to eat, places to shop, etc. As I was researching for hotels in Paris, I found them to be a bit expensive and of course really small.  Then I decided to look into renting an apartment and came across this site called Paris Attitude.

I instantly found myself looking for an apartment. The website has lots of pictures and lots of information for all of the apartments listed.   Booking an apartment with Paris Attitude was very easy. The staff was very friendly and the landlord for our apartment gave us lots of information.  Any questions I had, I would email him and he was very very nice.  If the landlord wasn’t on vacation for 2 weeks while we were there, we probably would have met up for dinner with him and his girlfriend.

Our apartment costed us 450 Euros in 2006. I looked on the site to see if the apartment is still there and it is. The price has increased, but it’s been 4 years. The price for the same apartment I booked in 2006 for the week is now 650 Euros. Still not bad if you ask me.  We cooked a few meals so we saved on spending for food. So if you’re planning a trip to Paris, my suggestion is to book an apartment. You’ll feel like a Parisian and you’ll save money too!

Below is the URL for the apartment we stayed in. It really did look like this.  I was a fool and didn’t take any photos of the place. I printed these pictures out and put them in my album! (No joke)


One Comment on “To Hotel or Not Hotel in Paris”

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