Get Up and Go!

Sometimes I wish I could just pack up my bags, hop on a plane and escape the everyday 9-5 with no return date.  Unfortunately, I can’t do that (yet).  Cause you know, I have bills to pay, groceries to buy, and only 3 weeks vacation a year that I have to plan out carefully.  But just because I only have 3 weeks of vacay  means only one thing – I make the most of my weekends, especially during the summer.  For example, this weekend my husband and I decided to take a drive to the Casino that is about 1.5 away from our house.  We’re not big gamblers, but wanted to do something that day that we haven’t done in long time since our trip to Vegas in December.

We didn’t really plan on going until 1 hour before we left.   It was a beautiful drive and my husband and I had some nice quality time together.  Although we didn’t stay very long at the casino (we lost our money very quickly), it was just nice to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful weather we had this weekend.  Traveling doesn’t have to be 5 hours on a plane.  You can drive 1-2 hours and feel like you’re on a vacay for a day.  So get up and go see the towns/cities near you!


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