Can I crash on your Couch?

We’ve all said it or told someone that they can crash on our couch. But what about allowing complete strangers to crash on your couch or stay at someones house…for free? Well if you haven’t heard of “couch surfing” then this is exactly what it is. is a non profit organization that connects travellers with locals all over the world.  If you know me, I can be a bit paranoid so when I heard about this, I had to check out the website. I carefully read through their mission, vision and FAQ and I have to say that I’m pretty impressed.  But I had to wonder, “Is couch surfing safe?” They answer this question on their FAQ page and this is what the  say:

“Through CouchSurfing, it’s more like meeting a friend of a friend. You have the chance to read all about other members’ experiences with that person, whether positive or negative. You have a full profile’s worth of information about their interests and perspectives. You can see who their friends are and how they know them. And you have the ability to correspond with them as much as you want before you meet them”

So would this paranoid girl ever couch surf?  Yes I think I will one of these days. It’s a great way to connect with a local and potentially meet a new friend.  I love meeting new people from all parts of the globe. Plus it’s free and I’m all about the good deals!!  And if you’re still not convinced, I would suggest couch surfing for a few days and then stay at a hotel.

Have you ever couch surfed or know anyone that has? Let me know, I would love to hear your story.

Check out for more information

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5 Comments on “Can I crash on your Couch?”

  1. Michelle says:

    My friends from Holland do this all the time! Actually when they were here for the wedding, they went to Calgary and Vancouver after and couchsurfed. I know they’ve had people stay with them too. It’s really popular in Europe and you meet some cool people, too (until you stay with a psychopath, then it sucks).

  2. That’s cool!! I really want to try it out. I think I can get passed my fear of germs. I have issues with using other people’s showers (especially someone I don’t know). I can’t even use the showers @ the gym. BUT, couchsurfing sounds interesting and I’m wiling to try it out for the experience.

  3. My friend from Sweden has done this all over the world. She swears by it!

  4. I saw something about on Current TV. These two girls were a little wary of their host, and I was on edge for them, but it turned out alright. I’d be a little leery of people’s hygiene. If their house was gross I really wouldn’t want to sleep on their couch, but I think it could be fun to use the site and connect with people, too.

    • Travelhugger says:

      Hey Monica, I know what you mean. I would really need to get over my fear of germs. But I’ve heard so many positive experiences about it I want to try it. They have a rating system on their site for the hosts, so I def. research like crazy to find the right host.

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