What’s the cheapest way to travel from London to Amsterdam?

My parents are going to London in a few weeks and my mom emailed me to find out what is the cheapest way to travel from London to Amsterdam.  I’ve never been to either of those places but I always wanted to go.  So I hit the internet and started my search.  My parents will be traveling from London to Amsterdam from Wednesday to Friday.  Here is what I found:

1. Easy Jet 88 £ each return.

2. Overnight Ferry from London to Amsterdam – I have heard that taking a ferry from London to Amsterdam is cheap, however this isn’t an option since my parents don’t have a lot of time.  Some of the ferry operators include –  DFD Seaway, Stena Line, PO Ferries .  I did do a search on DFD Seaway just to see how much it would cost and it came to 80 £ each return.  This price doesn’t include the cost of the cabin. You have to purchase that separately.

3. British Airways106 £ each return

4. KLM 166 £ each return

5. CityJet This was the most expensive – 300 £ each return

So it looks like Easy Jet is the winner! Have you ever traveled from London to Amsterdam? What was the cheapest way for you?


2 Comments on “What’s the cheapest way to travel from London to Amsterdam?”

  1. Michelle says:

    Ryan Air flies to Eindhoven, if they want to visit another part of Holland, haha! I took this flight, but I happened to visit a city near Eindhoven so it worked out perfectly for me. Sometimes flights can be as cheap as £13 each way!!! I took the train to Amsterdam the next day for a day trip, about 2 hours.

    Too bad the Eurostar doesn’t have a direct train to Amsterdam. Easyjet is a very good option – remember it’s first come first serve seating!

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