It’s that time of year again in Toronto to get something and wave and JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! That’s right, it’s Caribana this weekend downtown Toronto (Exhibition and Lakeshore Blvd). Caribana attracts around 1 million visitors from all over the globe and it’s a parade of beautiful customs, great music and of course lots of whining (not the kind of whining a kid does in the toy store for not getting his favorite toy). If you’ve never been, here are some things to consider going to your very first Caribana:

1. Drink lots of water – with all the jumping, whining and dancing you will need to hydrate yourself.

2. Bring something to wave – you don’t want to be the only one in the crowd with nothing to wave right? Plus it’s fun to jump up and wave a towel or flag (you will also need the towel because you will be working up a sweat jumping and waving).

3. Brush up on your whining skills – everyone can move their waist in a circular motion. The trick is to add the Caribbean flavour to it. Needs some inspiration, check this video.

4. Be prepared to wait..and wait – my parents are Guyanese so I know all about Caribbean time. If the party starts at 7pm, guests usually show up at 9pm.  I remember going to my very first Caribana a few years ago and there were times we were waiting for the next float to pass by.  But it didn’t damper our spirits cause we still loved it!

5. Have fun and don’t be shy to dance and jump up!


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