Review : Medieval Times

Travelhugger Rating –  3 hugs out of 5

Last weekend, R and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary at Medieval Times.  It was lots of fun!  As soon as you enter the castle, everyone working there is in their medieval costumes and in character.  At the ticket booth, the girl said “here are your tickets my lady”.  My lady?  I can get used to that.  After we have our tickets and table number, we are greeted by another person and he gives us our paper crown for the green section.  We met the King, took a picture with him and then we waited around in the lobby and strolled around the gift shop.  It’s finally dinner time and it’s time for the show to start.  The theatre is divided into sections by color.  The color of the section is also the color of the knight you will be cheering for.  We were cheering for the green knight and right away we know he is the badass because he spoke out against the King. We all know what happens to the villains in stories? yeah our green knight didn’t end up winning, but it was still lots of fun. The fight scenes were amazing and all the weapons they used were pretty cool.   There was also other performances.  They had a lady come out with her falcon, and the falcon was flying around the theatre.  R enjoyed this, but me not so much. I don’t really like birds and the way the falcon was flying, it looked like he could hit a persons head.  I had my head down most of the time while the falcon was flying around.  Birds scare me, but that’s just me.

So what about the food?  There are no utensils, cause they didn’t have any in medieval times, so you eat with your hands. The first dish was a tomato soup with some garlic bread.  The main course was chicken, ribs and potato and an apple pie (kind of like the ones they give you at McDonalds) for dessert.  The food was okay. I had been to Medieval Times before and I remember I loved the chicken.  This time the chicken was okay.  Plus, the food didn’t really sit well with R and I when we arrived back home – begins with D and you need some pink fluid to help ease the pain.  I like to call this “D” city.

I think I would have watched the entertainment sans food or maybe with some popcorn.  Did they have popcorn in medieval times?


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