What kind of Traveler are you?

Hello fellow travelhuggers! I’ve been M.I.A for a while.  But have no fear, I’m back.  I’m starting to get the wheels turning for my trip to Asia next year and I started to think about the type of traveler I am.  I love to plan and research about where I’m going. It’s a long process for me when I’m planning a big trip. I tend to have an excel spreadsheet with my costs, and sometimes I create an itinerary.  I don’t think I’ll ever plan anything last minute, unless it’s a trip to Niagara Falls.  That’s just me.  So what kind of traveler are you?

1. The Last Minute Traveler – if you see a deal that’s is too good to pass, you will pack your bags right away and head to the airport
2. The Excel Spreadsheet/Itinerary Planner Traveler- You plan everything, even when you take a bathroom break (I’m obviously kidding about this one).
3. Deal Guru Traveler – you are a pro at finding wicked ass deals, your friends often come to you and ask you about deals
4. Take Everything I own Traveler – You hate traveling light, you need everything you own just in case!
5. The Go with the Flow Traveler – The only thing you plan is your flight and hotel. You don’t research or plan any activities ahead of time. You simply go with flow and see where your travels take you.

So what kind of Traveler are you?


2 Comments on “What kind of Traveler are you?”

  1. Michelle says:

    I am a Go with the Flow Traveler! Sometimes I don’t even plan the hotel, haha!!
    So tell me, when are you going to Asia? J and I are thinking of going in 2011 too.

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