Boracay or Palawan?

Boracay Island in Malay, Aklan.

Boracay Image via Wikipedia

Hey everyone! I’m a very bad blogger. My apologies, been busy with a million different things and one of them is planning the second part of our Asia trip and I’m not sure what islands we should see when we go to the Philippines.

Our main place of stay will be in Manila but not sure what other islands to see.  The main tourist spot is Boracay but I’ve also been reading that some of the best beaches are in Palawan. Hmmm….what to do? what to do?

We only have 2 weeks in the Philippines, so we don’t have too much time.

I’ve also been researching on Cebu and I also wouldn’t mind checking out Cebu now too! Aiyah! What to do?  So much to see so little time. I’ll let you know what is decided.

In the meantime, I’ll just picture myself on the beach in the picture above…..ahhhhh…..

If you’ve been to Boracay and Palawan, which island did you prefer?


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