Cuddle Class on Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is introducing their “cuddle class” next year.  You can book a a row of three seats and and these seats convert into a couch.  What’s the cost of the cuddle class? The price is two economy seats plus half price for the third seat.  I wonder if other airlines will follow?  I’m liking this!  Check out the video below.


What’s the cheapest way to travel from London to Amsterdam?

My parents are going to London in a few weeks and my mom emailed me to find out what is the cheapest way to travel from London to Amsterdam.  I’ve never been to either of those places but I always wanted to go.  So I hit the internet and started my search.  My parents will be traveling from London to Amsterdam from Wednesday to Friday.  Here is what I found:

1. Easy Jet 88 £ each return.

2. Overnight Ferry from London to Amsterdam – I have heard that taking a ferry from London to Amsterdam is cheap, however this isn’t an option since my parents don’t have a lot of time.  Some of the ferry operators include –  DFD Seaway, Stena Line, PO Ferries .  I did do a search on DFD Seaway just to see how much it would cost and it came to 80 £ each return.  This price doesn’t include the cost of the cabin. You have to purchase that separately.

3. British Airways106 £ each return

4. KLM 166 £ each return

5. CityJet This was the most expensive – 300 £ each return

So it looks like Easy Jet is the winner! Have you ever traveled from London to Amsterdam? What was the cheapest way for you?

Virgin America Airlines comes to Toronto

I’ve heard great things about Virgin Airlines and I’m excited  because “Torontonians” can now book flights on Virgin.  They will launch their services starting June 29th with flights from Toronto to L.A, San Fransico and Seattle. If you book by June 17th and use promocode PORTERYYZ, you can get 20% off your flight.

I used the promocode to see how much a flight would cost from Toronto to L.A and it’s $427 taxes included  (I used Thursday and Tuesday as my departure and return dates, because it’s cheaper).  Now that’s not a bad price and both flights were direct!

Oh yeah, there is wifi on the plane (but you have to pay to use it of course).

Click here to book your flight. Don’t forget to use the promocode.