Don’t do any labour this weekend!

This travelhugger is staying in town for the long weekend.  I can’t believe it’s the last long weekend of the summer. The summer just flew by!  If you’re staying in Toronto, make sure you check out the EX! Hopefully, I can squeeze in the EX this weekend, but most likely I won’t be able to since I’ll be attending a lot of family festivities and a baptism.  Last time I went to the EX I was in highschool. So it’s been a long ass time!!

I know it’s not yet Saturday yet, but it’s almost. Plus this is such a great song.

Enjoy the long weekend everyone!


Review : Medieval Times

Travelhugger Rating –  3 hugs out of 5

Last weekend, R and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary at Medieval Times.  It was lots of fun!  As soon as you enter the castle, everyone working there is in their medieval costumes and in character.  At the ticket booth, the girl said “here are your tickets my lady”.  My lady?  I can get used to that.  After we have our tickets and table number, we are greeted by another person and he gives us our paper crown for the green section.  We met the King, took a picture with him and then we waited around in the lobby and strolled around the gift shop.  It’s finally dinner time and it’s time for the show to start.  The theatre is divided into sections by color.  The color of the section is also the color of the knight you will be cheering for.  We were cheering for the green knight and right away we know he is the badass because he spoke out against the King. We all know what happens to the villains in stories? yeah our green knight didn’t end up winning, but it was still lots of fun. The fight scenes were amazing and all the weapons they used were pretty cool.   There was also other performances.  They had a lady come out with her falcon, and the falcon was flying around the theatre.  R enjoyed this, but me not so much. I don’t really like birds and the way the falcon was flying, it looked like he could hit a persons head.  I had my head down most of the time while the falcon was flying around.  Birds scare me, but that’s just me.

So what about the food?  There are no utensils, cause they didn’t have any in medieval times, so you eat with your hands. The first dish was a tomato soup with some garlic bread.  The main course was chicken, ribs and potato and an apple pie (kind of like the ones they give you at McDonalds) for dessert.  The food was okay. I had been to Medieval Times before and I remember I loved the chicken.  This time the chicken was okay.  Plus, the food didn’t really sit well with R and I when we arrived back home – begins with D and you need some pink fluid to help ease the pain.  I like to call this “D” city.

I think I would have watched the entertainment sans food or maybe with some popcorn.  Did they have popcorn in medieval times?

The Banana Boat aka the Death Boat

I’m going through some of my old photos and I came across my Punta Cana vacation I took a few years ago with 3 of my friends. I was in university at the time and going away on an all inclusive vacay was just what I needed. A time to relax, work on my tan, party, eat and of course almost die on the banana boat. Yes, that’s right. I almost died on the banana boat. Ok, I’m exaggerating but I remember thinking, for a split second, that I was going to die in the water because my friends and I decided to ride this ridiculous banana boat. But before I tell you how I almost died twice on the banana boat let me explain what it is.

The Banana Boat

It is an inflatable boat that is yellow and somewhat in the shape of a banana (hence the name, duh). It can hold about 4 to 6 people and it is pulled by a speed boat. Now it sounds pretty safe and fun right? Well, the driver of the speed boat tries to flip the banana boat upside down by turning and crashing into waves. I know, it still doesn’t sound that bad. Sounds like fun. But trust me, the way our driver was crashing into the waves and flipping our boat, I seriously thought I was going to die. As the banana boat makes its first turn, I was trying to hold on, but everything is going so fast, I ended up flying into the water, hitting my friend in the shoulder with my foot, swallowing a gallon of salt water and coughing like crazy.   Crashing into the water like that was not fun for me.  My body turned to jello and I felt like I landed on a tonne of bricks.  But I decided to give it another try.  I knew what to expect and I thought maybe I just need to hold on tighter.  Plus, I didn’t want my $5.00 to go to waste now and I was trying to convince myself that maybe the second one won’t be so bad.   One of my friends decided she’d had enough and went on the speed boat (smart move).

So now I’m back on the banana boat, holding on for dear life but I ended up flying into the water, swallowed another gallon of salt water and my bikini top manages to come off (thank goodness I was wearing a life jacket). That’s when I decided I wanted to live and f*&$ my $5.00. THAT’S IT! I’ve had enough. I put my bikini top back on and swam to the speed boat.  I think I was still shocked that I had survived and for some reason I just couldn’t get on the speed boat.  Plus, the driver was no help at all. He sees me and all he can say is “Lift yourself up”.  Uhhh a little help here buddy! Didn’t you just see that I almost died?  You would think he would put out his hand and pull me up. NOOOO! Let’s me make me suffer even more. I finally managed to get on the speed boat and joined my friend.  My other two friends decided to stay on.

So if there is anything I learned from my trip- never ride the banana boat again! I know there are people who find this type of thing fun, but for me I think I’ll just lay on the beach, sip on some rum and coke and tan.

p.s. I feel the same way about jet skis. I had a similar experience where the person driving was turning and trying to make us fall off. In the process, I ended up flying into the water, my ankle hit my husbands mouth and he chipped his touch. Maybe I’m just not good with water sports?


It’s that time of year again in Toronto to get something and wave and JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! That’s right, it’s Caribana this weekend downtown Toronto (Exhibition and Lakeshore Blvd). Caribana attracts around 1 million visitors from all over the globe and it’s a parade of beautiful customs, great music and of course lots of whining (not the kind of whining a kid does in the toy store for not getting his favorite toy). If you’ve never been, here are some things to consider going to your very first Caribana:

1. Drink lots of water – with all the jumping, whining and dancing you will need to hydrate yourself.

2. Bring something to wave – you don’t want to be the only one in the crowd with nothing to wave right? Plus it’s fun to jump up and wave a towel or flag (you will also need the towel because you will be working up a sweat jumping and waving).

3. Brush up on your whining skills – everyone can move their waist in a circular motion. The trick is to add the Caribbean flavour to it. Needs some inspiration, check this video.

4. Be prepared to wait..and wait – my parents are Guyanese so I know all about Caribbean time. If the party starts at 7pm, guests usually show up at 9pm.  I remember going to my very first Caribana a few years ago and there were times we were waiting for the next float to pass by.  But it didn’t damper our spirits cause we still loved it!

5. Have fun and don’t be shy to dance and jump up!

Doors Open Toronto – FREE Event (this weekend)

Photo from Wikipedia

If you’re visiting Toronto this weekend, make sure to check out “Doors Open Toronto”.  This happens one weekend, once a year and admission is FREE to 15o historical, architectural, cultural buildings.  The Royal Ontario Museum is FREE tonight after 4:30pm. So check it out! Who doesn’t love Free stuff!! I know I do!!

Click here for more information.