Destination Wedding – Las Vegas

It’s springtime and wedding season has begun. Destination weddings are very popular and if you want a small wedding and love to travel then a destination wedding might be the perfect option for you.  There are so many places to go for a destination wedding, but one place I love is Las Vegas!

I had my wedding in Las Vegas about 2 years ago and I had so much fun planning it.  Now it’s not your typical tropical beach wedding, but who doesn’t love Vegas!  Here’s a few suggestions for a Vegas Destination Wedding:

1) Choosing a Hotel

There are so many great hotels in Vegas with beautiful wedding chapels.  Some offer amazing packages that include flowers, 2 night stay in suite for the bride and groom, ceremony in the chapel, a photographer, etc. My husband and I love Paris, France so we decided to get married at the chapel in the Paris Hotel.  Our package included a Personal Wedding Coordinator, Bride’s Bouquet, Matching Groom’s Boutonniere, Photographer During Ceremony and After, Online Webcasting of ceremony, two nights stay in Le Mans Suite, and much much more.

2) Rehearsal Dinner/Reception Dinner

There are so many great restaurants in Vegas (one of the reasons I love going there).  Some restaurants offer private or semi private rooms, depending on your party size.  You can also ask the hotel you are staying at what the prices are for their banquet halls. Some restaurants (like the Zeffirino) at the Venetian Hotel include a wedding cake and champagne with your dinner package.  This is a really good deal because wedding cakes can cost a fortune and if it’s included it cuts down the wedding cake cost dramatically. 

3) Hair and make-up

Most hotels have a hair salon (but they can be a bit pricey).  I used

4) Planning a wedding off the strip

There is a beautiful resort just 30 minutes from the strip called Lake Las Vegas.  If you don’t want the be on the strip, this resort is perfect.

5) Should you bring your own photographer?

If I could do my destination wedding over again, I would have brought my own photographer or hired a photographer from Vegas.  My package included a photographer and I assumed I would have great photos.  The photos weren’t bad, but they weren’t my taste.  If you want to use the photographer in your package make sure you ask to see his/her work. That way you can decide if you want the package that includes the photographer.

Planning a destination wedding does require lot of research but with the help the internet, it’s very easy. Plus packages that include everything, make it easier! Also, a destination wedding is a vacation with all of your close friends and family.  If you have any questions or comments, please let me know!

Happy Destination Wedding Planning!