What’s the cheapest way to travel from London to Amsterdam?

My parents are going to London in a few weeks and my mom emailed me to find out what is the cheapest way to travel from London to Amsterdam.  I’ve never been to either of those places but I always wanted to go.  So I hit the internet and started my search.  My parents will be traveling from London to Amsterdam from Wednesday to Friday.  Here is what I found:

1. Easy Jet 88 £ each return.

2. Overnight Ferry from London to Amsterdam – I have heard that taking a ferry from London to Amsterdam is cheap, however this isn’t an option since my parents don’t have a lot of time.  Some of the ferry operators include –  DFD Seaway, Stena Line, PO Ferries .  I did do a search on DFD Seaway just to see how much it would cost and it came to 80 £ each return.  This price doesn’t include the cost of the cabin. You have to purchase that separately.

3. British Airways106 £ each return

4. KLM 166 £ each return

5. CityJet This was the most expensive – 300 £ each return

So it looks like Easy Jet is the winner! Have you ever traveled from London to Amsterdam? What was the cheapest way for you?


Low Euro means go to Europe?

photo from Wikipedia

Last month, my mom called me and said “The Euro is low, buy some Euros” which got me thinking….hmmm..it would be a good time to go to Europe this year since the Euro is really low. Check out this blog post on if you should take a vacation to Europe this summer “Is a Weak Euro good for U.S Travelers”

Food Holidays

Photo from Foodnetwork.ca

Now that I’ve started to cook for about 2 years now, I’ve finally started to like cooking and I’m actually getting pretty good at it. I’ve heard about Food Holidays before and I’ve always wanted to go to Italy and learn how to create pasta from scratch, or make my own pasta sauce.  Now I know I could probably take a course here, but it’s not the same.   I came across this site Flavor of Italy by reading an interview with the founder, Wendy Holloway. I love to hear stories of how people break out of the corporate 9-5 world and start living out their dreams and passions. That is what Wendy did with Flavor of Italy. Hopefully one day I’ll get to take a Food Holiday and take one of Wendy’s courses.   Now I want to eat some pasta!

To Hotel or Not Hotel in Paris

I went to Paris in October 2006 and I had so much fun planning my trip.  When I plan any trip, I go to my trusty friend Google and I research like crazy.  I like to find out about the neighbourhoods, the culture, places to eat, places to shop, etc. As I was researching for hotels in Paris, I found them to be a bit expensive and of course really small.  Then I decided to look into renting an apartment and came across this site called Paris Attitude.

I instantly found myself looking for an apartment. The website has lots of pictures and lots of information for all of the apartments listed.   Booking an apartment with Paris Attitude was very easy. The staff was very friendly and the landlord for our apartment gave us lots of information.  Any questions I had, I would email him and he was very very nice.  If the landlord wasn’t on vacation for 2 weeks while we were there, we probably would have met up for dinner with him and his girlfriend.

Our apartment costed us 450 Euros in 2006. I looked on the site to see if the apartment is still there and it is. The price has increased, but it’s been 4 years. The price for the same apartment I booked in 2006 for the week is now 650 Euros. Still not bad if you ask me.  We cooked a few meals so we saved on spending for food. So if you’re planning a trip to Paris, my suggestion is to book an apartment. You’ll feel like a Parisian and you’ll save money too!

Below is the URL for the apartment we stayed in. It really did look like this.  I was a fool and didn’t take any photos of the place. I printed these pictures out and put them in my album! (No joke)