Review: Crimson Beach Resort and Spa – Cebu, Philippines

Rating: 5 hugs/5 hugs

Crimson Beach Resort and Spa Mactan, Cebu

When we decided to book our trip to Cebu, everyone was asking us if we booked at the world famous Plantation Bay Resort. We were originally going to book at Plantation Bay, but we decided to give Crimson Beach Resort and Spa Mactan a try.

You never know what to expect when you book a hotel/resort. All you have is the pictures from the resort website and a few from trip advisor. So I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. I didn’t get the best…it was even BETTER than the best, better than what I had expected. Let’s break it down:


There isn’t a lot of restaurants at Crimson, but Saffron Cafe is all you need for your stay at this resort.  They offer buffet and a la carte options but I love me some buffet food.  The food was excellent!!  Not as big as the buffets as an all inclusive resort or Las Vegas, but it’s all about quality not quantity at this resort.  The selection of food was changed every day and the dessert options were just AMAZING! Dessert is my favorite part of the meal, and their dessert options did not disappoint.  One night they had this dessert called Yema with nuts (made with condensed milk and egg yolk) and I was in heaven!  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  I could go on and on about the food. But just trust me, you will not be disappointed with the food at this resort.

Crimson Beach Resort and Spa Buffet


Where do I even begin?  Everyone working at Crimson is super friendly.  You are always greeted with “Good morning ma’am/sir” with a smile.  Everyone also always places their right hand over their heart as they greet you.  I’ve never ever experience this kind of service anywhere.  Even at the buffet, the servers are just amazing.  Now you might say that they are being nice because they want a tip.  There is just something different about how they greet you, serve you.  They genuinely want you to have a great time.  The customer service here is on a level I’ve never experience but want to experience again, and again and again.

The Rooms

Just like the pictures, the room was really nice.  Any hotel/resort that has a rain forest shower head, you’ve got me! Beds were comfy, wi-fi was great!  We stayed in the Deluxe Room.

Crimson beach resort delux room

Crimson Beach Resort Deluxe Room Bathroom

The Beach

Well, the beach isn’t as big as what I had expected. It is really really small.  But I wasn’t even fazed by it because the resort is so beautiful it didn’t really matter how big the beach was.

Crimson Beach

The Pool Area

Three different pools that are connected, one of which is an infinity pool.

Overall Experience

If you haven’t noticed, I’m in love with Crimson.  I would stay here again and I recommend this resort to anyone staying in Cebu for a few days.  It’s a great place to just relax, eat and enjoy the great scenery.

Crimson Resort and Spa at Night time


Review : Medieval Times

Travelhugger Rating –  3 hugs out of 5

Last weekend, R and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary at Medieval Times.  It was lots of fun!  As soon as you enter the castle, everyone working there is in their medieval costumes and in character.  At the ticket booth, the girl said “here are your tickets my lady”.  My lady?  I can get used to that.  After we have our tickets and table number, we are greeted by another person and he gives us our paper crown for the green section.  We met the King, took a picture with him and then we waited around in the lobby and strolled around the gift shop.  It’s finally dinner time and it’s time for the show to start.  The theatre is divided into sections by color.  The color of the section is also the color of the knight you will be cheering for.  We were cheering for the green knight and right away we know he is the badass because he spoke out against the King. We all know what happens to the villains in stories? yeah our green knight didn’t end up winning, but it was still lots of fun. The fight scenes were amazing and all the weapons they used were pretty cool.   There was also other performances.  They had a lady come out with her falcon, and the falcon was flying around the theatre.  R enjoyed this, but me not so much. I don’t really like birds and the way the falcon was flying, it looked like he could hit a persons head.  I had my head down most of the time while the falcon was flying around.  Birds scare me, but that’s just me.

So what about the food?  There are no utensils, cause they didn’t have any in medieval times, so you eat with your hands. The first dish was a tomato soup with some garlic bread.  The main course was chicken, ribs and potato and an apple pie (kind of like the ones they give you at McDonalds) for dessert.  The food was okay. I had been to Medieval Times before and I remember I loved the chicken.  This time the chicken was okay.  Plus, the food didn’t really sit well with R and I when we arrived back home – begins with D and you need some pink fluid to help ease the pain.  I like to call this “D” city.

I think I would have watched the entertainment sans food or maybe with some popcorn.  Did they have popcorn in medieval times?

The Top Travel Rewards Credit Cards in Canada

I’ve been thinking about applying for a travel reward credit card for some time now. I ALWAYS pay my credit card bills on time and getting a free trip with my points sounds good to me.  You would think this travelhugger would already have one but I’m loving my free groceries with my PC mastercard. But I figured since I’m planning a big trip next year, might as well apply for a travel rewards credit card right?!  So I did some investigating and I didn’t realize how many different travel rewards credit cards are out there.  According to Rewards Canada, there are about 60 travel rewards credit cards. Now I don’t have time  to research all 60 so thankfully Rewards Canada compiled a list of the Top Travel Rewards Credit Cards in Canada for 2010. Now I need to decide on which one to apply for…decisions..decisions…

p.s. if you’re planning on getting married next year, I would sign up for a travel rewards card ASAP and put all the wedding costs on the credit card. You could probably get a free honeymoon or a free flight for your honeymoon with all the points you will get. I would only recommend this to people who ALWAYS pay the full amount of their credit card bill on time. You wouldn’t want to call Gail from “Til Dept do us Part” to help you get out of credit card debt!

Do you have a travel reward card? What are the pros and cons of your card?

One Night in Niagara

A few weeks ago, I posted this wicked deal for Niagara Falls ($69 overnight stay, $40 dinner credit at the Keg and $40 gaming card at Dave and Busters) and this Travel Hugger had to take of advantage of it.  I couldn’t pass up this great deal. Here are some highlights from my trip:

1. Niagara on the Lake

A cute restaurant on Queen Street, Niagara on the Lake

If you have never been to Niagara on the Lake, you must go! It’s about a 20 minute drive from the Falls and the drive is gorgeous! The scenery is just amazing and the homes are insane!! Just like the song “I want to be a billionaire” so I can purchase one of those homes.  The historic downtown along Queen St is where you will find cute boutique shops and restaurants. One of my fav stores is Ten Thousand Villages.  I ended up buying a really cute bracelet.  (fyi: There are stores across Canada and the U.S).  Niagara on the Lake is such a pretty town and a must see!

2. Dave and Busters

I kicked my husbands ass in one of the street car games but he did beat me at air hockey so I guess we were even.

3. The Keg at Embassy Suites

Dinner at the Keg was amazing. You’re on the 9th floor and you get a great view of the falls. We had dinner @ 9pm which was perfect because we got to see the fireworks @ 10pm. Everyone in the restaurant enjoyed the show so much we all applauded!

4. Fallsview Casino

Never play more than $20 on slots. That’s my rule and I’m sticking to it.  Everyone around us kept winning though.  I never win on slots. Most I won was $100.  But I love playing slots. It’s addictive.

5. Ramada Niagara Falls

The Ramada Niagara Falls was meh. Your typical standard room with an early morning visitor.  The kind of visitor you can’t see. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a hint – Casper.  Yeah that’s right, our room was haunted. Unless it’s normal to have the tap in the bathroom to turn on by itself.  And let me tell you, it was hard to turn the water on in the bathroom. It was on full blast too and it woke me up. I thought my husband was in the bathroom, but he was sleeping. Then I thought, maybe the guests next door are taking a shower? or maybe it’s the toilet making noises?  So I got out of bed (yeah just like in the horror movies, the dumb girl always goes alone and ends up dead first – good thing it wasn’t a horror movie).  As I approach the bathroom, all I see is the water on full blast.  Okay, time to get up and go! We had a two minute convo with Casper telling him that we were leaving soon and not to worry.  I asked the lady at front desk if this hotel was haunted. Nope, first time she’s ever heard about it.  For some reason, I wasn’t too freaked out about it. Maybe because it was morning and not late at night.

Overall, it was nice to get away for the night (even with a visit from Casper).  Now where should we go next?

Megabus – Mega Savings!

Megabus is a low cost bus service in Canada, U.S and the U.K.  I have always seen these buses in the city and always wanted to try it.  Now I’m not a bus person, but the advertised $1 fare of course sparked my interest.  I tried Megabus last September from Toronto to NYC.   I was traveling with my mom and she had already been on megabus before and she would always say “You have to try Megabus- it’s fabulous!”  We weren’t able to get the $1 fare but we paid $50 each round trip.  That’s still pretty good considering flying to NYC is usually more than $300 from Toronto round trip.   I know some people who have paid $20 round trip from Toronto to NYC and I met a girl on the bus that was able to get the advertised $1 fare.  So it is possible! you just need to be on the lookout and book early.

While we were in line at the bus terminal in Toronto, we met a lady from NYC and she told us that the best seats in the house are on the second level, first row (yeah that’s right, this bus is double decker).  Thank goodness we were close to the front of the line because we were able to get the best seats on the bus – they were indeed!  Because we were in the best seats, we were able to stretch our legs, had the best view and and there was even a pull down shade if the car lights were too distracting. It’s like first class without the warm cookies (I’ve never flown first class but I imagine that they get warm cookies).  We left the bus terminal at around 9pm (which I highly recommend) and I slept most of the way.  We arrived in NYC early o’clock (7am) and to my surprise, I wasn’t too tired.  The 11 hour bus trip didn’t feel like 11 hours.  So would I take megabus again? Damn straight! But this time I would bring an ipod touch. I forgot to mention that they have free wi-fi on the bus!!! OH YEAHH!!

check out for more details!

If I can take the bus, so can you!