Deal Alert: Travel to Iceland

Hello fellow travelhuggers!

Just got this in my email from Travelzoo.  Check out this amazing deal from Toronto to Iceland from $599 pp:

  • Roundtrip nonstop flights to Reykjavik from Toronto
  • Two nights at the 4-star Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura
  • Breakfast daily
  • Golden Circle tour visiting Gullfoss waterfall, Geysir
    geothermal area and Thingvellir National Park
  • Admission to Laugarvatn Fontana, a newly renovated
    geothermal spa featuring hot spring baths and steam rooms
  • Additional nights including breakfast cost $59 per person

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One Night in Niagara

A few weeks ago, I posted this wicked deal for Niagara Falls ($69 overnight stay, $40 dinner credit at the Keg and $40 gaming card at Dave and Busters) and this Travel Hugger had to take of advantage of it.  I couldn’t pass up this great deal. Here are some highlights from my trip:

1. Niagara on the Lake

A cute restaurant on Queen Street, Niagara on the Lake

If you have never been to Niagara on the Lake, you must go! It’s about a 20 minute drive from the Falls and the drive is gorgeous! The scenery is just amazing and the homes are insane!! Just like the song “I want to be a billionaire” so I can purchase one of those homes.  The historic downtown along Queen St is where you will find cute boutique shops and restaurants. One of my fav stores is Ten Thousand Villages.  I ended up buying a really cute bracelet.  (fyi: There are stores across Canada and the U.S).  Niagara on the Lake is such a pretty town and a must see!

2. Dave and Busters

I kicked my husbands ass in one of the street car games but he did beat me at air hockey so I guess we were even.

3. The Keg at Embassy Suites

Dinner at the Keg was amazing. You’re on the 9th floor and you get a great view of the falls. We had dinner @ 9pm which was perfect because we got to see the fireworks @ 10pm. Everyone in the restaurant enjoyed the show so much we all applauded!

4. Fallsview Casino

Never play more than $20 on slots. That’s my rule and I’m sticking to it.  Everyone around us kept winning though.  I never win on slots. Most I won was $100.  But I love playing slots. It’s addictive.

5. Ramada Niagara Falls

The Ramada Niagara Falls was meh. Your typical standard room with an early morning visitor.  The kind of visitor you can’t see. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a hint – Casper.  Yeah that’s right, our room was haunted. Unless it’s normal to have the tap in the bathroom to turn on by itself.  And let me tell you, it was hard to turn the water on in the bathroom. It was on full blast too and it woke me up. I thought my husband was in the bathroom, but he was sleeping. Then I thought, maybe the guests next door are taking a shower? or maybe it’s the toilet making noises?  So I got out of bed (yeah just like in the horror movies, the dumb girl always goes alone and ends up dead first – good thing it wasn’t a horror movie).  As I approach the bathroom, all I see is the water on full blast.  Okay, time to get up and go! We had a two minute convo with Casper telling him that we were leaving soon and not to worry.  I asked the lady at front desk if this hotel was haunted. Nope, first time she’s ever heard about it.  For some reason, I wasn’t too freaked out about it. Maybe because it was morning and not late at night.

Overall, it was nice to get away for the night (even with a visit from Casper).  Now where should we go next?

Summer Deals in Montreal, Mont Tremblant and Quebec City!

My husband and I have decided not to do a big trip this year but if everything goes well, we’ll do one next year.  So we’re planning to do lots of mini weekend getaways.  I’ve always wanted to go to Mont Tremblant….hmmm….Check out these deals in Montreal, Mont Tremblant and Quebec City.

Mont Tremblant Summer Getaway Deals – 20% off  (starting from $69 per person per night)

Quebec City Summer Packages – choose from a variety of packages (romantic, family, fine dining)

Montreal Summer Deal – Foodies packages starting from $129

p.s. speaking of weekend getaways, I went to Niagara this past weekend…blog post coming up later this week about Niagara!

Affordable Boutique Hotels in NYC

If you have ever traveled to New York City, you know that the prices of hotels are insane!!! Check out these 6 new affordable boutique hotels.

ps. Thanks littlebrownbride for sending this article to me! If you’re planning a wedding check out her blog!

Can I crash on your Couch?

We’ve all said it or told someone that they can crash on our couch. But what about allowing complete strangers to crash on your couch or stay at someones house…for free? Well if you haven’t heard of “couch surfing” then this is exactly what it is. is a non profit organization that connects travellers with locals all over the world.  If you know me, I can be a bit paranoid so when I heard about this, I had to check out the website. I carefully read through their mission, vision and FAQ and I have to say that I’m pretty impressed.  But I had to wonder, “Is couch surfing safe?” They answer this question on their FAQ page and this is what the  say:

“Through CouchSurfing, it’s more like meeting a friend of a friend. You have the chance to read all about other members’ experiences with that person, whether positive or negative. You have a full profile’s worth of information about their interests and perspectives. You can see who their friends are and how they know them. And you have the ability to correspond with them as much as you want before you meet them”

So would this paranoid girl ever couch surf?  Yes I think I will one of these days. It’s a great way to connect with a local and potentially meet a new friend.  I love meeting new people from all parts of the globe. Plus it’s free and I’m all about the good deals!!  And if you’re still not convinced, I would suggest couch surfing for a few days and then stay at a hotel.

Have you ever couch surfed or know anyone that has? Let me know, I would love to hear your story.

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Where can I go for $300?

Today is the first day of June which means that summer vacations are just around the corner.  Now if you’ve ever said to yourself “Man I need a vacation badly but I only have limited funds…where can I go?” Well look no further.  If you’re familiar with, they have just launched a new website called Kayak Explore.

Click to see image

You put your starting point, and your price range, and you get a map of places you can go to.  You can even filter you search by activities, language spoken, average daily temperature, etc. So far I’m loving Kayak Explore.  Have fun exploring!

Doors Open Toronto – FREE Event (this weekend)

Photo from Wikipedia

If you’re visiting Toronto this weekend, make sure to check out “Doors Open Toronto”.  This happens one weekend, once a year and admission is FREE to 15o historical, architectural, cultural buildings.  The Royal Ontario Museum is FREE tonight after 4:30pm. So check it out! Who doesn’t love Free stuff!! I know I do!!

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