Affordable Boutique Hotels in NYC

If you have ever traveled to New York City, you know that the prices of hotels are insane!!! Check out these 6 new affordable boutique hotels.

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Megabus – Mega Savings!

Megabus is a low cost bus service in Canada, U.S and the U.K.  I have always seen these buses in the city and always wanted to try it.  Now I’m not a bus person, but the advertised $1 fare of course sparked my interest.  I tried Megabus last September from Toronto to NYC.   I was traveling with my mom and she had already been on megabus before and she would always say “You have to try Megabus- it’s fabulous!”  We weren’t able to get the $1 fare but we paid $50 each round trip.  That’s still pretty good considering flying to NYC is usually more than $300 from Toronto round trip.   I know some people who have paid $20 round trip from Toronto to NYC and I met a girl on the bus that was able to get the advertised $1 fare.  So it is possible! you just need to be on the lookout and book early.

While we were in line at the bus terminal in Toronto, we met a lady from NYC and she told us that the best seats in the house are on the second level, first row (yeah that’s right, this bus is double decker).  Thank goodness we were close to the front of the line because we were able to get the best seats on the bus – they were indeed!  Because we were in the best seats, we were able to stretch our legs, had the best view and and there was even a pull down shade if the car lights were too distracting. It’s like first class without the warm cookies (I’ve never flown first class but I imagine that they get warm cookies).  We left the bus terminal at around 9pm (which I highly recommend) and I slept most of the way.  We arrived in NYC early o’clock (7am) and to my surprise, I wasn’t too tired.  The 11 hour bus trip didn’t feel like 11 hours.  So would I take megabus again? Damn straight! But this time I would bring an ipod touch. I forgot to mention that they have free wi-fi on the bus!!! OH YEAHH!!

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If I can take the bus, so can you!