My top 10 things I always take on a vacation

Whenever I go on a trip, these are the top 10 things I always take with me. I didn’t put down the passport, money and medications because those are a given. Here’s my top 10:

1. iPod – I need my tunes!  If a good song is on, you might catch me chair dancing. (I’m contemplating buying an iPod touch because they have cool travel apps).

2. Travel size containers – It’s just so much easier to put moisturizer, cleanser, gel or whatever in these small travel containers. They take up less space and also weight. You can get these at any drug store. I have the Quo travel containers from Shoppers Drug Mart.

3.  Camera – I think everyone takes a camera on vacation.

4. Travel size Purrell – I always have Purrell on me.  I never leave home without it. The one time I didn’t have Purrell I got attacked by a pigeon. Ok, I’m exaggerating but its wing touch my finger and not to offend the pigeon lovers but those things are nast!

I think I would pass out if I was there with all those pigeons.

5. Hotel Slippers – I’m a bit of a germaphobe and I don’t like walking around the hotel bare feet so I carry flip flops for the hotel.

6. Thank you cards – I started to keep a few thank-you cards when I went to Cuba.  I left a thank you card in the hotel room for our cleaning lady along with some candy and she wrote me a note.  It’s a small gesture but it can make a persons day.

7. Sony ebook Reader – such a great piece of technology.  You no longer have to carry lots of books for your vacation. You can store an insane amount of books on an ebook.  Now I know the iPad just came out but I still like the Sony eBook reader.

8. Umbrella –    If it rains, my hair gets frizzy and curly and not in the pretty way.  Think of Don King meets Side Show Bob. Yeah, that’s my hair if it gets wet in the rain. Not very pretty.

9.  Band-Aids – I’m always falling down or banging into something.

10. My Roots Village Bag (Flat purse) – This purse is the perfect size for traveling. It can hold my wallet and my camera and I can hook my umbrella on the side. I love this purse. (I also carry one clutch purse that I use for going out at night).

So what’s on your  top 10 list?

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